Matthew P. Best

Matthew P. Best

Financial Advisor

Matthew P. Best is a Financial Advisor and Partner at Best Wealth Management who passionately blends the warmth of family values with precision in financial analysis. With an illustrious career spanning over 24 years, he has built a reputation with an unwavering commitment, and holistic experience in the realm of wealth management.

Matt's journey began in Knox, PA, where he learned the value of hard work, community, and heart-to-heart connections. Matt attended Lock Haven University and Clarion University of PA where he was able to build on this foundation before venturing into the world of finance. In his extensive experience in the financial sector, Matt Best has earned a plethora of licenses (including through LPL the 7, 6, 63, and 24, and licenses in life, health, and annuity).

The secret to Matt's success, however, lies beyond the certificates on his wall. It's reflected in the deep-seated satisfaction he experiences when guiding clients to their financial milestones. To Matt, numbers aren't just figures; they represent hopes, dreams, and the narratives of individual lives.

He believes that finance isn't just about numbers, it's about understanding people, their dreams, and their fears. It's about forging relationships that stand the test of time. In Matt's words, "We are independent. We don’t care what you purchase." What matters most to him is the trust and journey shared with every client.

Outside of working with clients, Matt is as dedicated to his personal life as he is to his profession. Happily married and a doting father to three beautiful daughters, he often retreats to the serene waters for a fishing escapade, or simply spends quality time with his loved ones, including his dog, Cutch. You may even catch him coaching a fastpitch girls softball team, something he has done for over 15 years. Matt has also coached high school and travel teams for years.